I was in Nordstrom in April 2016, when our salesperson asked my teenage daughter and me if we had seen the new “Ivy Park” collection by Beyonce yet? My response to her was, “no,” as I turned to my daughter and told her, “I wouldn’t buy anything from her collection if it was the only thing Nordstrom sold.” My memory may not be that great, but it’s good enough to recall that only 3 months ago I watched Beyonce dressed in a Black Panther inspired costume while performing a hateful, cop bashing song during Super Bowl 2016 (Watch HERE). I didn’t stop shopping at Nordstrom because they carried her line of clothing. I will admit I was disappointed to see them supporting someone who so openly trashed our law enforcement officers and pushed for racial division and unrest in America, but it’s their business and they can do as they choose. It’s my choice however, to not purchase her line of clothing. Even though conservatives may have complained about Beyonce’s hateful Super Bowl performance, Nordstrom did not pull her line of clothing from their stores.

When Nordstrom announced on Thursday that it will no longer be selling this season’s merchandise from Ivanka Trump’s fashion line over boycotts from the Left, I was truly shocked. Nordstrom discontinued a line by the daughter of the President of the United States because they Left doesn’t’ agree with his positions on national security. Let that sink in!

Imagine the outrage if Nordstrom agreed to cancel a clothing line by Malia Obama because conservatives didn’t approve of the former President Obama.

If we had an honest journalist in the mainstream media, they would be exposing the hypocrisy of the Left, who relentless demand we show “tolerance” for other points of view while behaving like the most intolerant group of people in the world.

The end of the relationship between the department-store chain and Trump’s brand came after boycott threats from the “Grab Your Wallet” campaign, which has called on people to stay away from companies that sell both Ivanka and Donald Trump’s merchandise, the Seattle Times reported.

Nordstrom tweeted that the decision to stop selling Trump’s brand was not a political move but one that was “based on its sales performance.” A spokesperson for Nordstrom did not say if the decision to stop selling Trump’s fashion line was permanent. –WFB

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