Last week, Union County in North Carolina voted to ban fluoride from being used in the county’s water system.

Residents were concerned about the chemical’s side effects on children.

ADA News reported:

Union County in North Carolina voted Feb. 19 to ban the use of fluoride in the county’s water system.

The decision came after a group of citizens who call themselves the Fluoride Fighters expressed concerns about fluoride’s potential harms. The commission also heard from dentists and supporters of fluoridation, many of whom pointed to the other chemicals added to water to keep people healthy, such as chlorine.

Prior to the vote, several community members shared their thoughts on fluoride being added to the county’s water.

One woman pointed to a 2019 study that pointed out exposure to fluoride during pregnancy has the potential to harm the baby’s intellectual development.

Here’s a clip from her presentation:

Abigail Prado was referring to a study conducted by JAMA Pediatrics, which found:

In this prospective birth cohort study from 6 cities in Canada, higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with lower IQ scores in children measured at age 3 to 4 years. These findings were observed at fluoride levels typically found in white North American women. This indicates the possible need to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy.

NC Newsline reported:

Abigail Prado, who leads the Union County Chapter of Moms for Liberty, told commissioners that government agencies deliberately adding fluoride to their drinking water can impair brain development of a gestating child.

“Millions of pregnant women are currently being exposed to levels of fluoride that have the potential to lower their children’s IQ by at least four to six points,” asserted Prado.

Prado told commissioners the loss of a single IQ point translates into a 2% reduction in lifetime economic productivity.

“Even if we take moral and philosophical questions about protecting children out of this discussion, how long can our society bear the cost of knowingly lowering our populations IQ?” Prado asked.

So…if fluoride can lower the IQ in children whose mothers are exposed to it during pregnancy…

And, we are advised to call poison control if a child swallows toothpaste containing the stuff..

Then, we have to ask…

What is fluoride doing in our water in the first place?

Sounds like poisoning to me.

But, those on the other side of the aisle argue that adding fluoride to drinking water is beneficial because it helps prevent tooth decay in the underprivileged.

NC Newsline said:

After weeks of often contentious debate, Union County commissioners voted 3-2 Monday night to stop adding fluoride to the county’s water supply.

Water fluoridation has been used by cities for decades to reduce tooth decay. Pediatric dentists told commissioners the practice was not only safe, but it was also essential for those who never or rarely see a dentist.

Dr. Meg Lochary, a Union County board-certified pediatric dentist, told commissioners fluoridation was a public health issue.

“I take care of a lot of people who have terrible, terrible dental health. If you had to sit in my office every day and see screaming 4-year-olds getting teeth extracted, it would be a very personal situation for you too,” said Lochary.

Another implored that fluoride was critical for underprivileged children, whose parents may not brush their teeth or help them get to a dentist.

The American Dental Association calls fluoridation of community water supplies “the single most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay.”

Fluoridated water has been proven to reduce cavities by about 25% in children and adults. The CDC named community water fluoridation one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.

What do you think?

I’m not buying it.

Do you think fluoride should be banned nationwide?

Let us know your thoughts…

Speaking of toxic chemicals, maybe it’s time to get serious about your family’s health?

Have you seen this?

Is It Time To “Make The Switch”? Let Me Explain…

Is it time to stop supporting Far-Left Woke Companies, Stores and Products?

I’m not big on “boycotts” but I am big on taking back our power and “voting with our dollars”.

Why do we continue to support places like Target when they constantly push the Gay and Trans agenda down our throats and onto our children?

I could give you hundreds of examples, but remember this?

Target Hires “Pride Strategist” Who Vows To “Make Trouble”

Or this?

Target Under Heavy Fire: “Satan Respects Pronouns”

Just two examples.

Or how about shopping at stores so poorly ran so scared of their customers that they place socks and under behind glass doors with lock and key?

Shoplifting Wave Drives Walmart, Target To Take Unprecedented Step — 40 Minute Wait Times For Underwear!

Are you a customer or a suspected criminal?

Truth be told, the stores are overrun by crime thanks for Far-Left Cities legalizing shoplifting.

Or how about when Gillette told all us men we had "toxic masculinity"?

Yeah, that was charming!

Thanks Gillette!

Of course we all remember Bud Light giving us trans male (or is it trans female, I can never remember which way it goes) Dylan Mulvaney as their new face of the brand?

But that's just the social issues side of things....

How about the products themselves?

Well, I sure hope you didn't put any of this J&J talc powder on your baby:

J&J Enters $9 BILLION Baby Cancer Settlement — How To Keep Your Family SAFE!

And I hope you don't have any of these spices in your kitchen:

BREAKING: Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead Found In Major Brand Name Spices!

Or any of these baby food pouches:

Recall Alert: Popular Baby Fruit Pouch Contains Lead

Look, I could go on all day, but I think you get the idea.

And as usual, I don't like to just leave you with a problem....that's not what we do here.

So I have a question for you:  Perhaps it's time to break up with these companies?

But what other options are there?

You know I've got you covered!

How about this....

How about shopping from a company that actually likes you!

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A 40-year track record of being proudly America-First, way before President Trump hit the scene in 2015...

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Oh, and 100% non-toxic!

No Flouride (if you don't want it), no Red Dye 3 or 40, no Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in any cosmetics product....

Got a problem?  One phone call to their US-based customer service where everything is actually helpful (cheery, even) and they are happy to help you out, almost as if they like you!

Gee, what a novel concept!

It's time to Make The Switch folks....stop supporting Target and WalMart.

Stop buying products that are hazardous to your health with so many additives and chemicals in them that you can't even pronounce half the label.

You THINK you have a choice between all these companies listed below in the circle, but what most people don't realize is they're all owned by only 11 companies.  


Interesting number.

Will probably be even less than that in the future when these merge even further.

It's an ILLUSION of choice.

The same goes for all your media...

It's just an ILLUSION of different choices, but owned by these 6 companies:

Oh and how do you think they got to be such a great America-First company with such a long track record of success?

A strong founder, full of vision and drive.

While you may have never heard of this company (because they do ZERO advertising), Barack Hussein Obama knew about them!

In fact, when he was in office, he created a list of the Top 10 most "Dangerous Conservatives" in America and he placed their Founder on it as #8!

(a list I one day hope to make myself!)

As I said, they do zero advertising -- they rely on people like me to spread the word.  Good old word of mouth!

So on top of being the last Family-owned major consumer goods manufacturer not part of the Big-11, comparable or often lower prices, supporting American jobs and families, here's more:

Non-toxic products!

That means no Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead in their food products!

Which really, if we're being honest, should be the bare minimum for everyone, right?

Stunning I even have to tell you that, but I guess I do!

But it also means no Red Dye 40 or Flouride in the toothpaste or chemicals in the cleaning products, or Deet in the mosquito repellant.

What novel concepts, right?

Oh, and Black Angus beef, pasture raised on hundreds of thousands of acres.

Free roaming with plenty of open air between all the cattle.

Grass fed.

No hormones and no antibiotics.  Never!

Oh, and it's CHEAPER than Omaha Steaks!

And....they control the ENTIRE process from the cows grazing in the pasture to eventually ending up in your freezer.

But that's a whole other topic!

Not only do they do zero advertising but it's it's actually "Invite Only".

They only want people on the same mission to join and they're happy to say "no" to the Far-Left Libs!

They've been doing it for nearly 40 years and it's been working great.

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This is one.

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