What will he think of next? Is Kim Jong-un is preparing his special forces for suicide parachute missions across the border on 70-year-old Stalin era biplanes?

Footage has emerged of North Korean paratroops jumping from the aged aircraft from very low levels in a show of force.

The aircraft, which were designed in 1947, have an incredibly low radar profile – meaning they are difficult to track using conventional radar. They also fly at such a slow speed that modern anti-aircraft systems are programmed to ignore their limited returns.

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Also, the aircraft can hug the earth meaning ground-based missile systems will not pick them up and supersonic attack jets will find difficulty in detecting them from above.
The bottom of the wings and the fuselage of Kim’s fleet of aircraft have been painted blue with the top of the wings is green as a form of camouflage to prevent both ground troops and aircraft spotting them.

According to The Drive, the aircraft could even land on short sections of road, allowing their troops to disembark and begin a sneak attack.
It is feared the old aircraft could even deliver a nuclear bomb – possibly in a suicide attack into a strategically vital location.
It is believed North Korea has at least 1,000 artillery pieces within striking range of Seoul, the South Korean capital, which is home to 25 million people.
Kim has claimed North Korea now has technology to miniaturise its nuclear weapons to fit onto an ballistic missile.
North Korea could potentially load a bomb onto the back of an An-2 – with its one-tonne cargo capacity – and detonate it over the south.


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