Northwestern University’s student government has pulled funding for the university’s chapter of College Republicans after the student group hung posters on campus advertising an event with a conservative speaker.

Last week, the university’s Associated Student Government (ASG) passed “emergency legislation” to freeze funding for the Northwestern University College Republicans (NUCR).

This action was in response to flyers that the organization had hung around campus advertising an event with conservative speaker and author James Lindsay.

The talk was titled “The Dangers of Identity Politics and Intersectionality,” and the flyer included an image of a skull and crossbones over an LGBTQ flag. These flyers were allegedly designed by a student who is gay.

The woke students at Northwestern took the flyer as “a death threat” due to the skull and crossbones images.

Speaking to the Post Millenial about the controversial flyer, Lindsay said, “A kid showed it to me and the first thing I said was, ‘Oh, that’s the poison symbol, not a threat. If you were educated here you’d know that.'”

“The Leftist agitators on the rather embarrassing campus convinced the Leftist student government to freeze their funding based on the use of the internationally recognized poison icon on the flyer, claiming it represents death threats against ‘LGBTQ.’ Designer himself is gay,” Lindsay said.

In a series of tweets about his event, Lindsay revealed that on the day of his event, the NU student government “offered and published a resource guide for protestors (of the event) including approving funding for their disruptive agitation.”

He added that “demonstrators showed up, protested, and hacked through [his] remarks.”

“[Northwestern University] should be ashamed of itself, expect a lawsuit, and should sanction or disband the NU ASG for their egregious bias,” wrote Lindsay. “They’re likely to be complicit, however, and deserve to be sued. Their graduates will suffer from their failures.”

Agustin Bayer, the president of NUCR, reported that their student organization had not been contacted by ASG prior to their funding being pulled.

“They did not reach out to us regarding their concern over the advertisement before the event, nor did they invite us to speak for ourselves at the meeting, and in fact, they still haven’t officially notified us of their decision,” said Bayer. “We only learned of their move from the school paper when they asked us for comment.”

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