When over 50K truckers joined the Freedom convoy in Canada, Americans cheered them on as they made their trek to Ottawa and other strategic destinations to fight for freedom from COVID restrictions and mandates.

Now, the American truckers are picking up the torch of freedom from the Canadians and are carrying it from CA to Washington DC where they will park their rigs on March 4th and take a stand against COVID mandates and restrictions in America.

Independent reporter John Spiropolous is traveling with The People’s Convoy and sharing ground reports along the route.

According to the Last Refuge – John has reported today the convoy is gathering participants along the route and now encompasses approximately 15 miles of trucks. The truckers drive anywhere from a minimum of 250 to 375 miles a day. Travel times range from a minimum of three and a half hours of driving to a maximum of five and three-quarters hours of driving a day.  The overpasses along the route are filled with cheering supporters.

John appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room where he shared on update on the US convoy:

WATCH: Convoy of peaceful freedom Truckers on US highways.


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