It’s easy to see why there are so many Americans who would rather keep their heads firmly buried in the sand than know the truth about how inept our government officials really are…

Hillary Clinton is facing damaging new revelations about the lax security surrounding her emails.

Watch Hillary try to make voters believe she is a “victim” in this insane security risk she has subjected our entire nation to:

A Daily Mail Online investigation has found that a second firm – hired to store a back-up of Clinton’s secret server – was so lax in its security employees failed to change passwords frequently and left computers logged in, unattended for extended periods and its own clients stumbled upon other clients data.

Datto Inc, the company in question, was hired to store Hillary’s emails by Platte River, the mom-and-pop company contracted to maintain her ‘homebrew’ email system.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Online on condition of anonymity, one former employee at Datto, said the company was woefully exposed to being hacked.

Lax: Datto Inc is run by Austin McChord. Whistleblowers say that his company's security is lax and that it was hacked itself in 2010
Lax: Datto Inc is run by Austin McChord. Whistleblowers say that his company’s security is lax and that it was hacked itself in 2010

‘If you’re talking about high-level data security, at the political, presidential level, the security level of data [at Datto] hired by Platte River, was nowhere near something that could have been protected from a good hacker that knows how to spread out their points at which to infiltrate,’ he said.

The emails emails, 30,000 of which Clinton deleted, are now part of an FBI investigation into her handling of classified material while she was Secretary of State.

A total of 22 have been deemed to contain top secret material – out of 2,075 found to contain classified material – and questions have mounted about whether her account was successfully hacked, which the Clinton campaign claims did not happen.

The existence of the emails only came to light because of a House investigation into the deaths of four American in an Islamist attack on the mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 2012.

The probe concluded this week with an excoriating report by the majority Republican members of the committee, who accused her of ‘shameful’ conduct with her secret email account.

Clinton dismissed the report, saying it was time to ‘move on’ and went to California to launch her policies on the tech industry.

But now it can be disclosed that Datto Inc is accused of major security failings by people who worked for it and also those who used its services.

The failings included allegations that security was so lax that customers warned the firm they had stumbled on other clients’ data; that in 2010, the company’s internal servers were hacked; and that staff were not required to regularly change passwords, seen as a basic requirement for keeping systems secure.

Staff computers – which had access to servers holding confidential client information – were left logged in while unoccupied for extended periods of time, whistleblowers said.

And Datto headquarters were easily accessible and had no security guards on their floor, while employees opened and held doors open for others which should only have been accessible with a security pass.

A longtime Datto partner, Marc Tamarin, told Daily Mail Online: ‘Those guys were really morons. They weren’t qualified to handle our back-up and that was the biggest concern for us.’

The former employee speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Online on condition of anonymity, spent three years at Datto, and said the company was woefully exposed to being hacked.

‘It’s not something that Datto was focused on. It was more about getting the data off-site quickly and cost-effectively than securing the data and keeping it from being hacked.

‘There’s no doubt in my mind that someone could easily hack them – even today.’

Datto was named last October as the second data storage company to be investigated by the FBI over what threat Clinton’s server posed to national security.

One of the Datto insiders told Daily Mail Online that around 2010, the startup had its internal network hacked, leading to the authorities being called. Via: Daily Mail


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