As the incompetent Joe Biden sends 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to provide security for the evacuation of the American Embassy in Kabul, Americans are left wondering what will happen to the innocent women and children left to fend for themselves against an evil terror group that has no respect for women or children?

CNN, who failed to mention the disappearance of the Taliban and ISIS under President Trump’s leadership, sent a female correspondent to Afghanistan where she embedded herself with the Taliban to report back, apparently, on the Islamic terror group’s future humanitarian efforts.

CNN is so deep into pushing the radical Democrat Party agenda they don’t even see how foolish their repulsive propaganda appears to the everyday American.

In what can only be described as an either incredibly stupid or utterly naive moment, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward, who is dressed from head to toe in a black burqa and headscarf, actually asked a Taliban leader in Afghanistan about the terror group’s plans to protect women’s rights, now that they’ve re-established control of most of Afghanistan (only 9 months into the Biden regime’s takeover of the White House).

Watch the incredible moment at the 4:24 mark: “A lot of people are concerned that if the Taliban takes power again, women’s rights will move backwards. How can you guarantee that women’s rights will be protected?” CNN’s Clarissa Ward asks


The crafty Islamic terror leader responds by telling her, “Islam has given rights to everyone equally,” adding that “Women have their own rights. How much Islam has given to women…we will give them that much.”

So, in other words, women will no longer have any rights, including the right to receive an education.

In the next segment, Ward, who is still wearing a headscarf, appears inside of the women and girls dormitory, where she speaks in hushed tones, as she explains that local Afghans are telling her that girls will not be able to go to school now that the Taliban has regained control of Afghanistan.


For anyone paying attention, CNN was not embedding themselves with terrorists in Afghanistan while President Trump was in office.

We can thank Joe and Kamala for this mess. While they were taking orders from the woke police on using the proper pronouns and such, terror groups in the middle east were reorganizing.

On Thursday, Pete Santilli confronted several CNN reporters who attended Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium, accusing them of having a lack of curiosity about the cheating that took place in our November 2020 election. Instead of answering the questions by the conservative talk show host, the CNN cameramen and reporter left the symposium and ran to their vehicles.

This is just yet another example of how CNN is not a news organization but instead, a well-funded group of anti-American mouthpieces who are being paid to destroy the very fabric of our nation.


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