It’s highly unlikely Laquanda will be up for any ‘Mother of the Year’ awards…

Virginia mother Laquanda Newby is a very slow learner, ladies and gentlemen. I say this because when the not-so-bright mother showed up at the Henrico County Courthouse on Monday “to turn herself in for a previous situation that involved her allegedly leaving a child in a hot car,” she once again left her child — two this time, in fact — in a hot car:

When Newby turned herself in on Monday, police said she left her two children — ages 6 and 1 — in her car. Deputies could not say for sure how long the two children were in the car but surveillance video showed it was more than an hour.

The car’s windows were closed and temperatures hit the 90s on Monday in Henrico County, police said.

“Their shirts were wet, sweat rolling off their brows,” Henrico Sheriff’s Capt. David Kinkle told reporters. “They seemed to be OK, but it was very hot.”

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I bet …

Regardless, Laquanda was subsequently charged with THREE — not one — “counts of contributing to the delinquency or abuse of child” and tossed into jail.

Congratulations, Laquanda, because you are officially one of the dumbest criminals in American history, not to mention the worst mother ever!

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