This new information just adds more validity Trump’s argument, that the US needs to take a more serious look at the way we vet immigrants if we want to protect our national security…

While State Department and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service branch of the Department of Homeland Security do ask if immigrants have been involved in terrorism, the most well known of over a dozen terrorist groups aren’t listed in applications, according to the analysis from homeland security expert Mark A. Sauter.

The form asks if the applicant has ever belonged to a terrorist group, but neglects to ask if they currently belong to one. How hard would that be to update? 


He said that federal officials told him that the questions about terror group involvement are required by federal law, meaning that congressional action is needed to include modern-day threats in the written questions.

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However, detailed written questions are asked about Nazi cooperation, as are questions about whether applicants are drunks, polygamists, or Communists. One survey does single out Colombian terror organizations in the written questions, though they have never attacked inside the U.S.

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The lack of specific questioning about the biggest threat to the United States as the country eyes thousands in line from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and elsewhere seeking residency raises new questions about how immigrants are vetted, and gives ammunition to Republicans like presidential candidate Donald Trump who has called for “extreme vetting” to weed out likely terrorists. –The Examiner


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