On the same day that Pfizer CEO Anthony Bourla accused people who “spread misinformation” about the COVID jab of being “criminals,” UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University scientists have identified an antibody that can protect people from the CCP virus and all of its variants.

Of course, as our dishonest media is too busy pushing propaganda that encourages parents to vaccinate their children between the ages of 5-11, who have a better chance of being run over by a bus than dying of COVID, to report on this bombshell discovery.

The Daily Mail, a UK publication, however, is reporting on some very encouraging news on fighting COVID that doesn’t involve taking a COVID jab:

A research team has discovered a COVID antibody that is effective against the virus, all of its variants, and all types of coronavirus.

The antibody, DH1047, works by binding to the virus’s cells and neutralizing them, preventing them from replicating.

It is effective at both preventing infection and at helping treat a person that has already contracted Covid.


The research team at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC) and Duke University, in Durham, says it believes it has found a key piece that can help combat the current pandemic and future virus outbreaks.

‘This antibody has the potential to be a therapeutic for the current epidemic,’ Dr. Barton Haynes, director of Duke Human Vaccine Institute and co-author of the study, said in a statement.

The antibody, DH1047, showed the ability to 100% neutralize the virus cells of COVID-19, SARS and other coronaviruses that are found in animals.

‘It could also be available for future outbreaks, if or when other coronaviruses jump from their natural animal hosts to humans.’

Researchers, who published their findings on November 2 in the Science Translational Medicine journal, identified more than 1,700 coronavirus antibodies.

Of that pool, 50 were identified that could bind to both Covid and SARS – the virus that caused an outbreak in Asia in the early 2000s – cells.

One, named DH1047, was particularly effective, being able to bind to all kinds of viruses, both animal- and human-based.

This antibody binds to the coronavirus at a location that is conserved across numerous mutations and variations,’ Haynes said.

‘As a result, it can neutralize a wide range of coronaviruses.’

The antibody was tested in mice, and found to be able to protect the rodents from developing a Covid infection after being exposed to the virus.

It was effective against all types of strains as well, including the highly contagious Delta variant.

Other types of coronaviruses that are believed to have the future potential of infecting humans were also tested, and were neutralized by the antibody.


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