Is there anything less funny than watching two multi-millionaire Hollywood comedy writers accusing Americans who have supported them for decades, “racists” simply because they don’t agree with their radical leftist political views?

As father and son comedy writers and liberal activists Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner appeared as guests on Friday’s Tavis Smiley Show on PBS, the two lamented that former President Barack Obama — whom Carl called “the smartest President we’ve had since way back” — was replaced by President Donald Trump — whom Rob derided as “clearly mentally unstable.”

A bit later, Rob Reiner blamed “racism” that was “unleashed” after Obama’s election for the Republican-controlled Senate blocking him from appointing Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, as he seemed to tie in birtherism and declared that “all of that is about delegitimizing an African-American person and everything that’s followed from that.”

Carl fretted: “He’s working very hard now to take away everything from poor people so that rich people can get a tax break.”

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Smiley, who last week likened possible ObamaCare repeal to a “drive-by” shooting, agreed, “Oh, yeah.”

And to go from having the smartest President we’ve had since way back, to this guy, is like, it’s crazy. It’s nuts. I mean, I feel so sorry for Obama. I can’t believe how he must feel today. –MRCTV

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