Remember when America fell in love with actress Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere?  Remember when we used to buy tickets to a movie and never give the political opinions of the actors starring in the movie a second thought? 

Well, that was then, and this is now.

Today, to be a certified actor in Hollywood, you have to first publicly commit your allegiance to the religion of liberalism. To be accepted, and more importantly, employed by the loony left in Hollywood, you must promise to support abortion, to defend the stripping of the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution, and you must be willing to mock the same middle-Americans who support your movies or TV shows… and oh, yeah…one more thing,  you must also be willing to talk like a truck driver in public when describing your hate for the Republican Party.

In the video that has been viewed less than 65K times, actress Julia Roberts can be seen speaking on Broadway, where she attempts to elicit support for Hillary Clinton, only one month before the 2016 election.

At one point in the video, after dropping several “f-bombs,” Roberts makes a joke about her kids watching the show. In a really embarrassing moment, Roberts says something that is so completely incoherent that even she can’t understand what she just said. Immediately afterward, she asks the audience to clap for her.

“You have one job, you are a citizen. You are a citizen. Okay, I’m a liberal. and I am proud of it. Why do conservatives think that people who don’t make serious dollars are not serious people? Why do we let the right wing claim patriotism and religion for themselves?”

Oh, I don’t know…maybe because, at the last DNC convention, the Democrats voted to remove God from their platform 3 times?

Watch, as Roberts gives what has to be the most embarrassing performance of her career.  

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