Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who currently serves as the AZ Secretary of State, is in hot water again after photos emerged from her high school yearbook.
While attending Catholic preparatory high school Hobbs was part of a yearly tradition known as ‘Slave Day.’ obtained copies of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School yearbooks and confirmed that holding a “Slave Day” had been practiced for almost 40 years. Hobbs was a member of the student council and the yearbook staff during her high school years from 1984 through 1988.


The tradition involves seniors bidding on freshman students who are being auctioned off. The freshman “slaves” then have to perform tasks for their “masters.” One yearbook photo shows a student wearing a collar and leash while crawling on his knees.

Daily Mail said it contacted the Hobbs campaign multiple times for comment on Hobbs’s participation in slave day. However, Hobb’s 1987 Student Council page does credit her for helping organize the event, having ‘coordinated the many class events during Spirit Week,’ which appears to be when slave day took place.

Hobbs joined the yearbook staff in 1987 and likely knew about the events surrounding Spirit Week. Her 1987 yearbook mentioned “Slave Day” four times. The yearbook also refers to Hobbs’s class as ‘paying for cruelties rendered’ during freshman initiation week on a day called ‘Senior Slave Day.’

Hobbs was accused of racism previously by former Senate Democrat staff member Talonya Adams. Adams does not believe Hobbs should be the Democrat nominee. Adams alleged she was fired after speaking out about being paid less than her white male colleagues. Hobbs apologized after a jury upheld Adams’ claim. According to 12 News, Adams said Hobbs was a racist during Dec 2021 press conference,

“Is Katie Hobbs a racist as defined by the Oxford dictionary? Yes, she is. Is she worthy of sitting in any role of government? No, she is not.”

Adams has also been openly critical of Hobbs on Twitter, saying Hobbs does not care about her constituents.


Adams called on the Arizona Democrat party to denounce Katie Hobbs and remove her as the Arizona nominee based on “proven, accurate, and known facts regarding her sustained racism, sexism, and retaliation against myself.”

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