The Golden Globes awards show had several moments where actors mentioned the “climate crisis” in Australia.

Jennifer Aniston read the acceptance speech from Australian actor Russell Crowe where he claimed the bushfires are “climate change-based”: “Make no mistake the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based”

Actress Cate Blanchett spoke about the Australian bushfires calling it a “climate disaster”:  “I want to do a special callout to the volunteer firefighters who have been at the center of battling the climate disaster in Australia. And of course when one country faces a climate disaster we all face a climate disaster. We’re in it together.”

The severity of the fires was made worse by many factors including dry conditions

Australian police  held a press conference to discuss the widespread bushfires in the country.

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The fires have struck various regions of the state of New South Wales since November.

Bushfires are not uncommon in Australia, but the widespread damage has climate alarmists up in arms.

Investigators of the fires also said:

“Police are now working on the premise arson is to blame for much of the devastation caused this bushfire season. A strike force will investigate whether blazes were deliberately lit, and bring those responsible to justice.”

The green policies also are a cause of the burning land:

Miranda Devine writes: “Governments appeasing the green beast have ignored numerous state and federal bushfire inquiries over the past decade, almost all of which have recommended increasing the practice of prescribed burning. Also known as ‘hazard reduction,’ it is a methodical regime of burning off the flammable ground cover in cooler months, in a controlled fashion, so it does not fuel the inevitable summer bushfires.”

*CORRECTION: The previous report on the bushfires from 100% FED Up! has been corrected to reflect that the severity of the Australian bushfires was due to many factors.

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