Some people just have to learn the hard way…

As Hurricane Irma approaches after wreaking havoc on the Caribbean, some Florida Keys residents are staying put and taking selfies next to massive waves despite orders to evacuate.

Florida and Georgia officials have encouraged six million people to evacuate before the storm hits.

But shocking photos from the US’s Southernmost Webcam show Floridians are brazenly ignoring their instructions and are snapping photos next to giant waves.

One man was knocked over by a wave that crashed over the barrier as he took a photo.

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He stood on top of the barrier to get the perfect view of the churning waters before getting smacked by the wave and being pushed back onto the ground.

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The man stood up and walked away as if nothing happened.

The Key West National Weather Service tweeted Friday: ‘THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS’



The guy in the video above isn’t the only one who came dangerously close to being swept out to sea while trying to get a shot of the massive storm approaching the keys.  2 guys in the video below at the same spot:

Here’s another video of 2 guys at the same southernmost point of Key West, FL trying to get live footage of the storm:


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