The Rolling Stone website reported on the details of a court-filed document that appears to be an amended complaint alleging that the National Rifle Association (NRA) may be facing “irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm” and the potential inability of not being able to access financial services that are stated to be essential to its operations.

This is mostly speaking about the NRA’s loss of insurance coverages and alleged harms done by the potentially abusive New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The NRA has been suing Cuomo and believes their association is involved in a “blacklisting campaign” and that it might have caused “tens of millions of dollars” worth of damages to the association. Losing that much money over legal battles could certainly affect the funds needed for daily operations. Legal battles might also push insurance agencies away as they would likely not want to provide any sort of coverages for a company undergoing current legal issues or “preexisting conditions.”

Is this a Democratic way to violate the much loved NRA and an attempt to tie them up in court so long that they run out of money?

Rolling Stone reported: “Insurance coverage is necessary for the NRA to continue its existence,” the complaint reads. Without general liability coverage, it adds, the “NRA cannot maintain its physical premises, convene off-site meetings and events, operate educational programs … or hold rallies, conventions and assemblies.”

The entertainment publication also mentioned that the complaint spoke about how the NRA may have to close operations on their magazines and video streaming services, also stating that the NRATV might also be forced to end operations. This is mostly just a warning so far, but the NRA appears to be bracing for a heavy struggle and the absolute worst case scenario if they’re financially unable to continue with their normal daily operations. If they continue losing funds over legal battles with the New York Democrat, then certain programs by the NRA will slowly be deactivated until they’re able to recover from whatever funds they might lose in their legal struggles and if they’re unable to secure the proper insurances they need to operate correctly.

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The lawsuit can be read on this link and it suggests that the financial risks are “catastrophic.” It also mentions that New York’s government is being accused of trying to silence an advocate for constitutional rights. The NRA seeks to protect the second amendment and it appears as though they believe the problems arising from New York are an attempt to crush an advocate of the constitution, particularly the second amendment and bearing arms.

Rolling Stone continued that the “lawsuit stems from actions taken by New York financial regulators to halt the sale of an illegal, NRA-branded insurance policy. The NRA actively marketed “Carry Guard,” a policy to reimburse members for legal costs incurred after firing a legal gun. In May, the state of New York found that Carry Guard “unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing.” The NRA’s insurance partners agreed to stop selling the policies and pay a $7 million fine.

The NRA complaint alleges that New York was not content to block this single insurance product, but instead campaigned to sever the NRA’s ties to a wide range of financial service providers, from insurance companies to banks.”

Overspending in 2016 didn’t help, but then the Parkland Florida massacre and the amount of blame incorrectly placed on the NRA didn’t help either. After the shooting at the Florida school, it was anti-2A activists who spoke out about the NRA, even though the NRA had nothing to do with the shooting or any school shootings. The NRA became the poster-child of blame and it seemed to be far-left protesters and activists who placed more blame on the NRA than the actual shooter and the cowardly Broward police who failed to respond to an active shooter in a way that could have saved lives.

It was Cuomo who urged, via Twitter, for companies in New York to basically cut ties with the NRA if they had any prior relationship with them. Cuomo suggests that people consider their reputation and responsibility. Interestingly enough, if the NRA was responsible for mass shootings, then there would probably be more of them. It appears that the NRA members are actually the more responsible group when it comes to firearms, training, and safety. Cuomo may have made more sense if he targeted his vengeful spite towards criminals who harm innocent people, but he seems to have gone after law-abiding citizens instead – just because they like guns and embrace their American freedom to own.

The complaint from the NRA states that Cuomo and his anti-2A actions are a “malicious conspiracy to stifle the NRA’s speech and induce a boycott of the NRA” as well as “suppressing the NRA’s pro-Second Amendment viewpoint” and had engaged in “unlawful conduct with the intent to obstruct, chill, deter, and retaliate against the NRA’s core political speech.”

The company who provided insurance to the NRA broke up with them like a puberty-raging couple in high school and even said they’re basically not ever, ever, getting back together.

The NRA also now struggles to find banks willing to do business with them, which is odd because the NRA seems to run a very legitimate business, but perhaps banks are scared to support an American group who loves the constitution and would prefer not to make their bitter angry liberal customers bent out of shape.

If the NRA and all their guns were such a big problem, then we’d know it by now.

Why does the NRA keep taking the blame for crimes they don’t commit?

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