Glenn Beck has pretty much outlived his relevance with conservative Americans. So he’s joined forces with liberal whack job, comedian Samantha Bee, marking his official decent into liberal hell. Beck’s hate for Trump can only be rivaled by his love for money, so joining forces with a woman who makes a living appealing to liberals who hate Trump seems like a natural fit. Beck has never been shy about following a buck. The man who used to be revered by conservatives has officially gone off the deep end, and most of us won’t miss be missing him as he crosses over onto the dark side of desperation, negativism and liberalism…

Glenn Beck, a man once described by Forbes as someone who’s “managed to monetize virtually everything that comes out of his mouth,” has (seemingly) had a profound change of heart. Following his call for conservatives to “empathize” with Black Lives Matter activists in a New York Times op-ed back in September, the Blaze founder joined Samantha Bee on Full Frontal on Monday to declare a common enemy: the Precedent-elect, a.k.a. Mr. Brexit, a.k.a. the former Apprentice host.


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