For the second time in a matter of weeks, progressive leftist Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi displayed what many believe can only be accredited to having a severe case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” While speaking to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Nancy confused the presidency of Donald Trump with George W. Bush for the second time since President Trump’s inauguration.

In an interview on Sunday with Jonathon Karl on ABC’s This Week, Pelosi confused President Trump with President Bush, who she hated with vitriol for eight years. But as you can see in the short clip below, Pelosi immediately catches herself and then apologizes to former President Bush for the confusion, claiming to long for the days that he was president over the now dreaded Donald Trump.

Even Jonathan Karl was stunned that Pelosi would remember George W. Bush with fondness considering the vitriol she threw his way for eight years. One has to wonder if Pelosi, who continues to be confused about who the current president is, is fit for office. –Politistick

But wait…Senile Nancy is droning on about how much she misses President George W. Bush to NBC’s Jonathan Karl, but we found a video of an interview with Nancy Pelosi and Wolf Blitzer of CNN from 2008, when at the end of his term, Nancy summarize his presidency as a “total failure”.

Here’s what Nancy had to say about President George W. Bush at the end of his term:

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But wait…there’s more. Only two months ago, Nutty Nancy referred to President Trump as “President Bush”. We’ve posted example after example of Nancy Pelosi misspeaking or becoming totally confused during interviews on important issues facing Americans. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters recent incoherent rants are becoming the best argument we have for term limits in our US Congress.
Watch Nancy refer to President Trump as “President Bush” only two months ago. Watch the faces of the nitwits behind her. If this was a Republican ranking member of Congress, CNN would have been calling for a full-scale mental evaluation by now.


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