Today, New York Governor Kathy Hochul went off the rails to say Colin Powell got sick from COVID by someone who wasn’t vaccinated. Her palpable anger at “anti-vaxxers” is disturbing. She cannot know who gave Colin Powell COVID.  She is another reason people don’t trust the government. They don’t follow science like natural immunity but follow ideology and politics.

Colin Powell had several comorbidities and had been vaccinated from COVID. There is no way to know who gave him COVID whether they were vaccinated or not.

Governor Hochul has attached religion to COVID and was recently called out in a big way by Tucker Carlson (see below). Last month, she spoke at a church and asked the congregation to be her “Apostles” in the war against COVID. She also said the unvaccinated aren’t listening to God.

“His story cannot be hijacked by the anti-vaxxers … Someone who wasn’t vaccinated gave him the virus.”

Last month, Tucker Carlson blasted Hochul for her over-the-top effort to demonize the unvaccinated:

Just days ago, New York Governor Kathy Hochul spoke at New York City’s Christian Cultural Center. She urged members of the audience to act as her “apostles” to their fellow New Yorkers and claimed the unvaccinated “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” (Transcript and video of her speech below).

Tucker Carlson’s commentary is spot on calling out the virtue-signaling governor for her creepy speech:

TRANSCRIPT: We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were, but I prayed a lot to God during this time. And you know what? God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers; he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us. And we must say, “Thank you, God. Thank you.”

And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say, “I’m vaccinated.” All of you. Yes, I know you’re vaccinated. You’re the smart ones. But, you know, there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know this. You know who they are. I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say: “We owe this to each other.”

We love each other. Jesus taught us to love one another. And how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, “Please get vaccinated, because I love you. I want you to live.” I want our kids to be safe when they’re in schools. I want you to be safe when you go to a doctor’s office or a hospital and are treated by somebody. You don’t want to get the virus from them. You’re already sick, or you wouldn’t be there.

We have to solve this, my friends. I need every one of you. I need you to let them know that this is how we can fight this pandemic, come back to normal, and then start talking about the real issues that we have to: fighting systemic racial injustice.


While Americans are being forced to get the COVID vaccine, one high-profile American who was fully vaccinated just died from COVID complications. It’s being reported that Powell was in the high-risk category due to his age and had multiple comorbidities.

Former Bush Defense Secretary Colin Powell was fully vaccinated from COVID but has died at 84 of complications from COVID. His family released a statement on Facebook after his passing.


Powell was appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior ranking member of the U.S. armed forces, and top military adviser to President George Bush. He was the first African-American ever to hold the post and the first to be secretary of state. Prior to those posts, he served in Vietnam and then served under Reagan.

Powell served Democratic and Republican presidents, but his reputation suffered when he made false claims before the U.N. to justify the Iraq war. Later in life, he expressed regret over the incident. Powell delivered a presentation full of lies making the case for war with Iraq at the United Nations in 2003. He fabricated “evidence” and ignored repeated warnings that what he was saying was false. The Intercept went through Powell’s presentation and listed every lie.

In the video below, Powell was confronted about the lies: Iraq Defector Sam Husseini followed up with General Powell as he left CBS studios, raising the point that the man Powell cited in his famous February 4, 2003 Security Council appearance, Hussein Kamel, also had said that there were no more weapons of mass destruction. When Husseini pressed to see iff Powell was aware of this evidence, he adamantly asserted “Of course not!” In pressing again for a direct confirmation that he was not aware of evidence contradicting public assertions about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Powell’s only response was “I’ve answered your question.”

The son of Jamaican parents, Powell’s political leanings were unclear until later in life when he strayed from the Republican party.

More recently, Powell spoke at the DNC Convention endorsing Joe Biden for president in 2020. He also endorsed Obama for president.

When Powell’s emails were hacked in 2016, nasty things said about Trump leaked out. It was no secret that Colin Powell was anti-Trump. Brit Hume stated, “He couldn’t stand President Trump.”


He also went after General Michael Flynn, but Flynn pushed back:

After General Powell’s email server was hacked, it seems that Hillary and Trump were not the only ones he attacked with insults and nasty rhetoric.

Powell went after retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a top Trump military adviser. Powell called Flynn “a jerk who is unchained” and a “right-wing nutty.” Powell, however, had to admit once called on the insults that he has actually never even met Flynn, nor did he ever serve with him.

He responded by stating, “Talking to people in the know, his real problem was leadership and management issues at DIA. Senior staff was in incipient revolt. He has been over the top in his comments, conduct unbecoming. But he is unchained.” He continues by saying, “Pattern of behavior which is why he was fired. The real question is how he got that far in the Army.”

Flynn did respond during an interview on the ‘Kelly File.’

“My little sister has actually called me worse things.” He went on to say, “Colin Powell, he’s an amazing guy, amazing service, but he’s actually, you know, as a footnote in history, he’s going to be always struggling for his credibility because of the statement that he made to the United Nations that brought us into the war in Iraq.”

After the disparaging remarks towards Hillary, Trump, Flynn, and even a few other service members were highlighted as having been said by Powell, Flynn did caution that prominent individuals need to be more careful about what they send electronically.



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