For many high schools, truancy is a real problem. But in the case of Maverick Stowe, a senior at Long Island High School in Mastic Beach, New York, it turns out that attending school is the problem.

On a day he was scheduled to do online classes, Stowe decided instead, to attend classes in person, and now he’s facing a 5-day suspension from school.

New York Post reports- Stow said trouble first arose when his first-period teacher noticed he wasn’t on Tuesday’s in-person roster.

The teacher sent Stow to the principal’s office and he was asked to report home.

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“‘Well, no, I think I need to go to class. This is during class time,’” Stow said he responded to administrators.

Watch, as a masked reporter (who’s apparently protecting television viewers from the possible spread of COVID?) for ABC-13 explains:

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Instead of following their orders, Stow said, he finished the day learning in class before being notified of the disciplinary action.

His mother, Nora Kaplan-Stow, agreed with her son’s decision.

“Kids need to be in school every day. Virtual learning is not learning,” she told WABC. “My son is being suspended because he wants to be in school.”

Added the student’s father, Richard Stow: “He’s a very smart kid. He knows what he’s doing. When he said this is how he wanted to handle things, we were like, ‘Then go for it.’”

A spokesman for the school district, James Montalto, said in a statement that for the school to comply with state-mandated social distancing measures, students must abide by their hybrid schedules.

“Students who refuse to adhere to their scheduled in-person days and/or flagrantly disregard directives to leave school grounds and cause a disruptive environment for other students, will face disciplinary actions,” Montalto said.

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