This is the twisted thinking of the Obama crowd…we need to stop testing kids because one group feels it’s unfair. Obama just put a cap on time spent in class on standardized testing. Let’s see, we’ve dumbed down just about everything in America so it’s supposedly all fair for everyone. We have affirmative action and other ways to even the playing field for people who don’t deserve it. It’s like when everyone on the team gets a trophy…wrong! The bottom line is that you will NEVER strive for success if you don’t have some sort of bench mark to judge students with. The most qualified should get entrance to a college just as the most qualified, no matter the race or sex, should get the job. Is anyone else sick of the reverse racism and sexism going on in America? 

In an online rant, a Bronx public school principal has likened standardized testing to slavery, redlining and crack cocaine in damaging the lives of minorities.

“Public school high-stakes standardized testing is a form of modern-day slavery, and it is designed to continue the proliferation of inequality,” Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School Principal Jamaal Bowman says in an Aug. 31 blog entry titled “The Tyranny of Standardized Testing“.


“America was born of horror for black people and that horror continues today for brown and poor people as well. Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, crack cocaine and now standardized testing were all sanctioned by the American government. All designed to destroy the mind, body and soul of black and brown people.”

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Bowman blamed the US government for perpetuating a “legacy of oppression” — with the Obama administration adopting the Race to the Top program that prodded states to use student exam results to evaluate teachers and promote charter schools.

“From the Continental Congress to Race to the Top, America has a tradition of disenfranchising the masses,” he said in an Oct. 4 post on the personal blog.

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‘Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, crack cocaine and now standardized testing were all … designed to destroy the mind, body and soul of black and brown people.’
– Jamaal Bowman
The founding principal of the Eastchester middle school, Bowman has emerged as an outspoken critic of Common Core testing and recently testified before a task force formed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to probe the standards.

But supporters of standardizing testing blasted Bowman’s comments as utter nonsense.

Former US Education Secretary Rod Paige, who grew up in segregated Mississippi and, like Bowman, is black, said it was wrong to inject slavery into the discussion.

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