The Grey Lady just grew a few more Gray Hairs

By Kat Stansell

Rosenburg, has gone against his own reporting of the Jan. 6, 2021, events. In a bombshell video published by Project Veritas March 8, Rosenburg is recorded discrediting his own reporting on the events of that day. He now tells of “a ton of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol”, whereas he previously had reported that the notion of the presence of FBI “undercovers” in the crowd that day was a “reimagining” of the event.

This is not his only reversal of statements. Although Rosenburg told a Project Veritas journalist that the events of J6 were “no big deal”, his article stated that the idea of downplaying what happened that day was “the next big lie.”

“They (the media) were making (it, the Rally) an organized thing that is wasn’t”, he stated to Veritas. Rosenburg’s piece, entitled “The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 was No Big Deal or a Left Wing Plot” was actually written around the same time as he spoke the opposite of what he wrote, to the Veritas undercover reporter. It was apparently its own big lie.

In the video, Rosenburg called Jan. 6 “fun”, and spoke of himself and two colleagues being “there, outside, just having fun.” In apparent ridicule of his NYT cronies, he said that he knew he was “supposed to be traumatized” as his colleagues were telling how “scary” it was, but he personally was not. He adds, on one soundbite, that “I’m like, come on, it’s not the kind of place I can tell someone to man up, but I kind of wanted to be like, ‘dude, come on, you were not in any danger’.” Rosenburg called his colleagues “f*cking little dweebs who kept going on about their trauma” – and more. Classy stuff from an award winner.


The only Pulitzer award that should be extended to someone like this, may I suggest, is one from Jovan, who is deep into investigating the fraud perpetrated by the current regime. Mr. Rosenburg, it seems, is certainly qualified to join the ranks of the fraudsters, for sure. Millions read this kind of stuff put out by the main stream media operatives, and need to ignore rather than internalize what they are seeing.

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