The New York Times released a dramatic video today of the  shooting death of a black man, Keith Scott by a black police officer in Charlotte. Scott was shot and killed by a black police officer after repeated attempts by several officers demanding he obey them.

Several relatives of Scott’s claimed he was just holding a book.

Here is Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney telling Megyn Kelly that he has “no doubt” Keith Scott had a gun:

And now, here is the recording from Scott’s wife Rdkeyia Scott, who filmed the incident but did not get a clear shot of what was really going on during the altercation with her husband the police officers.

As a side note, the cops were screaming, “Drop the gun!” and not, “Drop the book!”

***WARNING***Graphic video****

Police also have a dash cam recording they claim will back up their assertion that Keith Scott indeed had a gun in his hand and was coming toward them with it:

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