These “protesters” are only helping to catapult Donald Trump to the Oval Office. The more America gets to see who is against Donald Trump, they more they want him to win. They would have been better off keeping themselves busy, doing what they do best at this time of year…finding ways to register dead voters and steal the vote. They made a bad decision to allow the curtain to come back and expose themselves to America. This may possibly be the worst PR move in the history of the Democrat Party. Americans are sick and tired of being pushed around by our radical, progressive Community Organizer and his radical regime for the past seven years.

The radical NO BORDERS group came out with YUGE banner. Of course the message is written in Spanish:

This guy just wants America to stop giving jobs away to Mexicans.  Hmmm….put Americans first. What a novel idea!

Here’s what happens when you pay protesters but forget to coach them about why they’re actually protesting:

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