On Tuesday, two Black teenage girls were arrested and charged with hate crimes for the violent assault of a 57-year-old White woman, who they bludgeoned in the head and yelled “anti-White statements” at.

The two girls – 15 and 16 years old – were arrested at 9:20 a.m. on Tuesday after being searched for since early July. The NYPD has yet to identify a third suspect, also a young Black girl, who was involved in the incident.

The three suspects in the “anti-White assault”, two of which have been apprehended. The teen on the right with the green bob haircut has yet to be identified and located.

At about 6:50 p.m. on July 7, Jill LeCroix was riding a bus in Queens when three Black teens approached her and began shouting racist comments. LeCroix reported that one of the girls with green hair began yelling that she “hates White people” and accused her of being a Trump supporter.

“You probably like Trump! Don’t you?” The teen yelled at her.

LeCroix boldly responded, “I love him,” prompting the teens to strike her in the head with an unknown object, causing a laceration and subsequent bleeding.

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As the attack continued, one of the green-haired teens continued her anti-White rant. LeCroix recalled her saying she “hates White people, the way they talk, hates White skin, the way their skin cracks.” She also proclaimed she was “gangsta.”

“I was the only White person on the bus,” said LeCroix. “By the time we started passing St. John’s Cemetary on Woodhaven, she started in on me, saying, ‘That’s where I’m going to bury you!”‘

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“You’re going to get what you deserve! All White people are going to get what they deserve,” continued one of the assailants.

LeCroix, who has three biracial children and is a grandmother of five, was treated at a nearby hospital and was, fortunately, able to recover fully from her injuries.

NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is still investigating the incident, as the search for the third suspect continues.

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