Based Stickman, aka Kyle Chapman became famous on social media after he was one of the first Trump supporters to fight back at a California Trump rally after violent Antifa thugs randomly began cracking skulls and stabbing people who dared to openly supporting our President. Americans were fed up with watching innocent Americans being physically harmed and threatened while police officers stood down and watched the violence unfold. Once Kyle Chapman took the lead and started fighting back, other Trump supporters joined him. It wasn’t long before the Antifa cowards stopped attacking innocent Trump supporters.

Here’s a short video showing “Base Stick Man” in action, as he takes the lead in defending his fellow Trump supporters who were being attack by a large mob of violent Democrats:

Today, Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) and conservative Latino activist Robert Herrera were on the streets of New York showing their support for President Trump when Chapman noticed a 15-yr. old girl proudly displaying a communist poster her mother allegedly purchased for her. Chapman questioned the young girl about her knowledge of communism and asked her if she’s aware of the millions of people who have been murdered throughout history at the hands of communist dictators? The 15-yr. old girl’s mother can be seen videotaping the exchange until she realizes that her daughter is actually getting an education about the ugly truth about Communism, at which time she asks Chapman to stop engaging her daughter while videotaping her. As the mother-daughter duo walk away, the New York City police officer who witnessed the entire exchange can be seen stepping up to congratulate Chapman on a job well done. The unidentified police officer remarks about how he appreciated the way in which Chapman conducted himself with civility. As the officer begins to move away, he can be heard remarking, “Facts hurt people’s feelings”.

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Although Based Stickman was arrested and charged with assault for defending himself and other Trump supporters from Antifa thugs, it hasn’t slowed down his enthusiasm for defending President Trump or innocent Americans who are simply exercising their First Amendment Right. America could use a thousand more Kyle Chapman’s and Robert Herrera’s…

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