A 74-year-old granny risked her life when she helped NYPD officers find and arrest 22-yr-old Kevin Bullock, a George Floyd looter who busted the head open of an NYC cop when he tried to stop him from looting a smoke shop on June 1st.

NY Post reports – Kevin Bullock had allegedly just bashed a cop in the head with a glass bong, and police were on his trail, searching for him at the Brooklyn housing project where he lives on Howard Avenue.

22-yr-old Kevin Bullock

But the 22-year-old career criminal picked the wrong escape route.

He spotted a slightly open window on the second floor of the building next to his, climbed up a fire escape, and opened the window higher.

A gray-haired granny was sleeping on the other side — but a voice in her head told her to wake up, she told the Post.

“What are you doing?” she shouted at Bullock as he attempted to break in.

“I saw this person on the fire escape pushing up the window to come in. He broke the blinds and pushed out the mesh.”

So she gave him a hard shove and told him off.

“I pushed him back with both hands as hard as I could. I got him with such a force and locked the window. I said, ‘You are not coming in.’”

The woman, who gave a reporter only her first name, Joyce, because she said she fears Bullock, said he “didn’t say anything. … It seemed like he went back up the fire escape.”

She quickly called 911 — and he was soon apprehended.

When a cop grabbed one of the looters, Bullock allegedly bashed him in the head with a bong, leaving him with a gash and concussion.

The NY Post is reporting that a Manhattan judge has now set the 22-yr-old criminal free without bail. Bullock has 23 prior arrests on his record.

The move marked at least the second time that Judge Laurie Peterson has overruled prosecutors and released a defendant without bail — which in the earlier case allegedly led to a pair of unprovoked slashings by the psycho who got sprung.

Judge Laurie Peterson

The unidentified officer spent several days recovering from the injury is now on limited duty, sources said.

Bullock was charged with four counts, including assault on a police officer, attempted assault with a weapon and burglary, court records show.

“This is a strong case, with clear video evidence, and he faces state prison time if convicted of these violent felonies,” a law enforcement source said.

“Bail is the least restrictive means to ensure his return to court.”

During Bullock’s arraignment Thursday, Manhattan prosecutor Caitlin Naun detailed the evidence against him and sought to have bail set at $25,000 cash or $75,000 bond, sources said.

Peterson instead released Bullock without bail pending another court appearance on Sept. 11, records show.

The Legal Aid Society, which is representing Bullock, disputed that he had been arrested 23 times, but did not offer an accurate number of arrests besides saying that number was “way off.”

Bullock has no conviction record, and adamantly disputes the charges, a spokesman said.

“We look forward to securing his innocence in court,” said Lamar Miller, Staff Attorney with the Manhattan Trial Office at The Legal Aid Society.

“Days later, in the course of arresting Mr. Bullock at his home, true to form, the NYPD brutalized our client, breaking his ankle and inflicting other pain.

“He did nothing to warrant their brutality. Then, instead of seeking immediate medical attention, the NYPD deprived him of this and took Mr. Bullock to a precinct in a different borough where he languished in a cell for hours while they decided whether his broken ankle should receive medical care at a hospital.

“It’s a broken ankle, so in what world do you not immediately take him to a hospital? Unfortunately, this one.”

The encounter left the 74-yr-old granny shaken.

“God was with me. That’s all I can say. God was watching over me. I have no clue what he would have done to me. I was so frightened. My heart was beating fast, but I defended myself.”

She added: “I have six boys and they never get in trouble. They know I don’t play that game.”

But Joyce is angry with the judge who let Bullock out of jail following his arrest.

“The judge is an ass—e,” Joyce said of Manhattan jurist Laurie Peterson.

“Are you f—king serious? That’s messed up. They should have set a high bail, so he didn’t get out.

“There are good cops and bad cops, but wrong is wrong. He shouldn’t hit the cop. You cannot do wrong and get right.”

Bullock, who was charged with four counts, including assault on a police officer, was among a group of thieves who ransacked a smoke shop in Brooklyn at about 2 a.m. on June 1, according to law enforcement sources.


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