New York City’s Judge Leticia Ramirez released a man caught with 500 rounds of ammunition and set an accused murderer’s bond to a pitiful amount the same day

New York City has become one of the softest-on-crime cities in the whole United States, which contributes to its extraordinary crime wave and high rate of recidivism over nearly any other city in the country. It’s not just the Mayor or the District Attorneys contributing to this, however. Even when the prosecutors ask for remand or request a high rate of bale, Judges such as Leticia Ramirez will ignore them and let the accused walk free–no matter the crime.

New York Judge Leticia Ramirez

Sunday, August 1st, Leticia Ramirez let a man arrested carrying 500 rounds of ammunition and an extended magazine for his Tires American Tactical  .22 Rifle back out on the street despite New York’s Laws prohibiting the transportation of the weapon, the magazine size, and the amount of ammunition being carried.

22-year-old Matthew Velardo was given criminal charges as prosecution asked he be held on $50,000 bail or $150,000 bond. However, Ramirez simple let him walk free.

Regardless of whether you believe that Velardo’s actions should be considered criminal, the fact that the law is unevenly distributed in New York City while the wishes of prosecution are flagrantly disregarded by a judge, is unethical.

That same day, another man named Vernon Gowdy had his bail set to a measly $5,000.

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Gowdy was arrested for stabbing a man to death after the man had the misfortune of accidentally bumping into him. He also has a rap sheet which includes a staggering 15 prior arrests, time in prison in the 1990s, and who has been accused of another murder before, as well as indecent exposure.

Prosecution asked that a man with such a violent and criminal past be held on remand. Instead, Ramirez let him out on $5,000.

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Ramirez has been a judge since 2011, and in 2017 she was publicly admonished for misusing her position when she, as a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, wrote an appeal for her son, who was sentenced to 20 years to life for shooting a man to death on Long Island.

She had also written a letter on official court letterhead to lobby for a friend of hers who was up against illegal gambling charges.

Twice, she misused her position and violated a code of ethics. Now, she continues to do so in a different fashion by letting criminals walk the streets after their arrests.

This crime and lawlessness is what the Democrats bring. New York needs change.

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