Uh oh, Bernie won’t be happy with this news. If there ever was a political phony, this guy takes the cake…

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has morphed himself politically like no other with the ultimate name change from Warren Wilhelm Jr. to Bill de Blasio.

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Only in New York can a commie like this be reelected in a landslide even though the city is a total mess under his leadership.

The response to his announcement this morning is defined by the comment from a former aide: It’s “f**king insane”.

The New York Post calls de Blasio’s announcement a “total farce”.

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The NYC Mayor is the 24th candidate to enter the race for president in 2020.

He came out swinging by saying that “Donald Trump must be stopped”. He believes he can stop President Trump because he says he’s beaten him before:

“I’m a New Yorker. I’ve known Trump’s a bully for a long time. This is not news to me or anyone here. And I know how to take him on. Donald Trump must be stopped. I’ve beaten him before and I will do it again.”

The three-minute video announcing his candidacy focused heavily on President Trump and not on what de Blasio plans to do if elected.

When polled, over 75% of New Yorkers did not think he should run for president.

de Blasio has been active in politics for decades working on Hillary Clinton and Charlie Rangel’s campaigns.

He’s been criticized for his far-left stance on just about everything. He’ll fit right in with the field for 2020 because they are mostly very far-left too.




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