NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is really pushing it when he continuously bashes the New York Yankees by refusing to support them. He won’t go to a game and refuses to wear a Yankees baseball cap. It turns out that de Blasio is a turncoat…he’s a “rabid” Boston Red Sox fan! Maybe he should go be the mayor of Boston then…With the Yankees one win away from being in the World Series, you’d think de Blasio would step up and show support for the hometown team he’s mayor of…He just said it’s “too weird” to go to a game at Yankee Stadium! What a jack wagon! We’re hoping this is political suicide for de Blasio who is running against Republican Nicole Malliotakis:

Republican mayoral contender Nicole Malliotakis said she finds it “unconscionable” that Mayor de Blasio won’t root for the Yankees.

“I believe that you’ll have two underdogs winning this year — the New York Yankees and Nicole Malliotakis,” the Staten Island assemblywoman quipped at a press conference outside City Hall Thursday.

The candidate said she’s a Yankee fan who’s excited by their post-season run — unlike Hizzoner, a Red Sox fan who told the Daily News this week it’s “constitutionally impossible” for him to root for the Bronx Bombers, and said it’d be just “too weird” to go to a game at Yankee Stadium.

“I just can’t understand how the mayor cannot root for the home team. Even if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, this is good for New York City,” she said, citing boosts to the economy. “And it’s just unconscionable to me that any mayor would not support the home team.”

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De Blasio kicks off week in Bronx by refusing to wear Yankees hat

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Could the good people of NYC vote this phony out of office already?

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