New York City Mayor de Blasio has to be the biggest hypocrite around.

He has allowed and participated in huge protests in the city and let rioters and looters run wild but refuses to allow playgrounds to open.

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He spoke today to the press after a group of men opened a chain locked playground in Brooklyn (see video below).

“We’re not going to allow people to take the law into their own hands.”

Bill de Blasio says playgrounds will stay closed until Stage 2 of reopening.

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Despite his participation in mass protests, NYC Mayor
thinks playgrounds are a threat to public health.

Just yesterday, the mayor had gates to a playground welded together, and then after an outcry, the gate was unwelded but still chain locked shut. Later in the day, a group of men cut the chain to unlock the playground.

Today, the mayor admonished the Brooklyn community for opening the playground.

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