NYC Mayor DeBlasio is a babbling idiot, and has clearly never had to deal with the life a family member being taken away by a drunk driver. Every drunk illegal alien who is caught behind the wheel of a car before they kill someone should be immediately deported…not protected! 

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio if he would protect illegal aliens living in the sanctuary city of New York following President Donald J. Trump’s executive orders on immigration, specifically the ones targeting sanctuary cities.

De Blasio said that there are inaccuracies about New York City’s sanctuary status. He said that there were 500,000 illegal aliens in the city, and law enforcement said that it was critical in the war on crime to allow these people to come forward and report crimes without the fear of being deported. He added that this is a policy that goes back to the Ed Koch era. Moreover, De Blasio mentioned that Trump’s executive order to target funding could impact the Department of Homeland Security anti-terrorism dollars that flow into the NYPD.

Via: Townhall

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