New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has decided to move migrants out of public school gymnasiums after outraged parents and students held protests outside the affected schools.

As Mayor Adams is filling up NYC’s luxury hotels, aka “emergency shelters,” with illegal immigrants, the city’s economy is struggling to continue giving up tourism income and taxpayers are unable to continue paying for these hotels to house the immigrants.

In an attempt to solve this crisis, Adams decided to turn public school gyms into shelters for adult illegal immigrants. However, as illegal aliens were moved into these gyms, Adams was quickly met with backlash from the communities.

Aside from the heavy taxpayer burden that accompanies the Democrat plan to house and care for illegal border crossers, the decision to put them in school gyms puts the young students at great risk since we don’t even know who is being let across the border.

“Our children deserve to have the academics… how are they going to do that when our kids are having to worry about who they are around? We’re going to get hurt. And our teachers as well are having to suffer because now they are stuck in the position where they can’t even get our kids help,” said one parent.

Another parent whose daughter is in sixth grade told the New York Post, “I don’t feel safe having adult men with no criminal background checks or health screenings living at our children’s school.”


“This gym took over three years to construct and only just opened in January. The kids have had a few months of reprieve, and now it’s being stripped from them. It’s just not fair,” he added.

Another parent at a protest against these migrant shelters said, “I do sympathize with what’s going on, but I just don’t think it should be on school grounds. If you’re going to accept people in, that’s fine, but they should be nowhere near kids. It’s not the right place.”

Young children also came out to protest their schools being turned into housing centers for illegal aliens.

“Mayor Eric Adams, School Gyms are not Homes!” said the sign of one child.

As parents and students began to protest Adams’ decision to turn school gyms into migrant shelters, Adams completely dismissed their concerns.

In a statement, Adams ignored the protests and told the parents they would just have to deal with the circumstances and revealed the city was planning to put illegal aliens in about 20 school gyms.

Speaking to NY1 News Adams said, “This is one of the last places we want to look at. None of us are comfortable with having to take these drastic steps.”

“Each gym, the 20 gyms that we are looking at, we have not made a final determination on all the gyms, but that we are looking at are separate from the actual school buildings,” he added, trying to justify putting potentially dangerous illegal immigrants on school grounds.

Newsflash: It is the Democrat Party that has pushed for open borders, and now they are making everyone else pay the price for their mistakes.

Following major protests by parents and students on Tuesday and Wednesday, Adams finally decided to cancel the move the immigrants out of PS 188’s gym and send them instead to a 450-bed shelter at Touro College.

Although this is a small victory for the determined parents, city officials reported that their immigrant housing policy has not been overturned and other gyms could house immigrants in the future.

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