A new low for NYC…

For the second time in a month, a body has surfaced in one of Central Park’s lakes/ponds. This comes on the heels of the Governor of  New York, Andrew Cuomo calling out NYC Mayor de Blasio today, saying, “We have a problem in New York City when it comes to crime. That is fact.” Governor Cuomo went on to say New York City “shootings with victims” were up 103%.

Who knows if these two deaths were homicides or suicides. The NYPD hasn’t reported on the cause of death yet.

There are eight ponds/lakes within Central Park. A body was found at the Harlem Meer Pond, but the body found earlier this month was in Swan Lake near the Plaza Hotel.

Luis Castoire (pictured below), 24, was fishing in Central Park when he hooked a human corpse after he cast his line into the lake. He’s been fishing in Central Park since he was seven but never imagined this would happen:

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“I hooked up on something. I went to go look and then when I lifted up my line it was a body…I started yelling at people and they called the cops and they confirmed it was a body. It had sneakers …black and white sneakers and it had hair and looked like a male. I just looked quickly, I thought it was shadow in the water, but it definitely was a body. There was a whole bunch of kids here. It sucks they had to see this.”

Earlier this month, a body was found floating in a Central Park lake at Swan Lake about one block from the Plaza Hotel.

People reported to 911 that a body was floating in a Central Park pond located at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The adult male was pronounced dead.

With NYC Mayor de Blasio’s terrible handling of the city, crime has skyrocketed. Were these two men murdered or was it something else?

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