New York City mayor Eric Adams has opened a tent shelter for illegal migrants, complete with gaming equipment and specialized cuisine. Meanwhile, there are around 90,000 homeless people in the state of New York.

This new housing for Latin American migrants is located on Randall’s Island. It offers tents with video games, laundry services, a rotating menu of Latin American cuisine, coffee, tea, snacks, and international calls.

Inside the Randall’s Island migrant shelter

Meanwhile, the residents at a homeless shelter just a half mile away are not happy about the superior treatment the city is giving people who aren’t even citizens of this country.

One of these residents, Brian Hines, gave the New York Post his reaction to the treatment the migrants are getting in their taxpayer-funded tent city:

“They’ve got  Xboxes? Get the f*** outta here! The building I’m in is so f***ing awful. The smell is awful on every floor. The tents look five times better. Once a month, if I recognize the food, I’ll eat it.”

Other residents on the island are unhappy with the new migrant housing center being put up in their community. One woman, who lives nearby, told Fox News that she believes Mayor Adams should “help the citizens first. And after you can look after the immigrant.”

The NYC mayor’s initial statement on the new housing facility was that migrants would only be permitted to stay there for up to 96 hours and then placed in either a homeless shelter or some other form of housing.

However, this statement was soon walked back as Dr. Ted Long, an official in the city Health Department, announced, “There is no limit to how long people that are seeking asylum can stay in this facility.”

For some reason, the U.S. government is prioritizing people entering our country illegally over helping those who are actual citizens and struggling to find suitable shelter and nutrition.

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