Project Stand Together is an organization founded by Ari Hasanaj, who uses activism and powerful, creative messaging to fight back against COVID vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

On the website, signs like those shown in the images below can be purchased for businesses and residences to let customers and neighbors know they don’t discriminate against individuals over their COVID vaccination status.

On their website, Project StandTogether slams vaccine mandates, calling them: “counterproductive, biased, and frustrating for citizens who don’t feel comfortable getting the vaccine for one reason or another.”

We believe that discrimination against non-vaccinated individuals is unconstitutional, along with the vaccine mandates,” -Ari Hasanaj 

Hasanaj shared a powerful video on TikTok showing him and a group of protesters entering a Panera Bread in NYC. In his description of the “MLK-style sit-in” protest, Hasanaj explains that their goal is to be served without having to show proof of vaccination papers or to stay until the police remove them.
The vintage newscast playing in the background of the #ProjectStandTogether protest explains a 1952 CIA M-K Ultra communist-style brainwashing and medical abuse program that involved 68 Americans who were brainwashed after they became unwitting subjects of a disgusting CIA experiment. “The aim is controlling the individual to the point that he will do our bidding against his will,” the news reporter says.
While the disturbing story of the CIA brainwashing experiment is being told, the group of protesters is told they are not allowed to sit in the Panera Bread restaurant unless they can produce a vaccination card. The group sits down after being told by Panera Bread employees they were only doing their jobs. Shortly afterward several NYPD officers arrived and asked the group to leave. According to the organizer Ari Hasanaj, the police officers also used the excuse that they were only doing their jobs.
A protester in a wheelchair can be seen leaving the restaurant before they were handcuffed and arrested.
“They have been programming you your whole life and you don’t even know it, because you don’t even question it!” the narrator says, as the group leaves the restaurant, satisfied that Panera Bread, who refuses to abandon their unconstitutional mandate closed early.

The ProjectStandTogether group entered another unnamed restaurant in NYC and demanded to be served without showing their vax papers. The owner of the establishement approached them and explained that he doesn’t have a choice. Hasanaj shot back, telling him that he DOES have a choice, explaining that owners who discriminated against blacks during the Jim Crow era said the same thing.  Hasanaj reminded the business owner that the proof of vaccine mandate is not a law and they don’t have to comply with a “mandate.” The police were called on the group who this time, refused to leave. They were arrested by the NYPD and removed from the restaurant.

If you’d like to join this awesome group of brave Americans standing up for our right to not be discriminated against, go to their website to volunteer, purchase a sign or donate:

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