Yesterday, at least 29 people were injured in a mass shooting on a New York subway.  The shooter threw down smoke bombs and then began opening fire on commuters at roughly 8:30AM Tuesday morning.  A manhunt began for the shooter yesterday.

Last night, police identified a person of interest in the shooting who has complained about the city’s poor mental health services and who has espoused far-left views on social media.  His social media posts include anti-white rants that discuss the inevitably of a race war, posts glorifying violence, and anti-semitic viewpoints.


The Post Millenial Reports

“Frank James, a 62-year-old man who has been identified as a person of interest in the Brooklyn Subway attack that injured at least 29 people Tuesday morning, warned last month that he was “entering the danger zone”.\

“James allegedly rented a U-Haul van linked to the shooting and is being sought for questioning.  He previously railed against Mayor Adams and posted threatening rants to YouTube.

In a March 2022 video uploaded to YouTube, James expressed hope that humanity would be exterminated because of the damage people have done to the environment


James said in one video, “Mr. Mayor, I’m a victim of your mental health program, I’m 63 now full of hate, full of anger, and full of bitterness.”

James claimed to have a diagnosed mental illness and called the city’s mental health services a “horror show”.

James also ranted against Jews, posted hatred of Donald Trump and in support of Black Lives Matter and black nationalism.  In one video he expressed disappointment that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to a white man.”





James harbored extremely hateful views towards white people, including believing that white and black people cannot peacefully coexist and that a race war was inevitable.  He discusses his views on race in a video he posted to Facebook called “C.I.L.L Whitey”


“These white mother***ers, this is what they do. Ultimately at the end of the day they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?”
James also claimed that a race war would follow the war in Europe. “It’s just a matter of time before these white mother***ers decide, ‘Hey listen. Enough is enough. These n***ers got to go.’  James said in the video.



James also shared memes accusing Donald Trump supporters of being racist.  He said in one post that if you like President Trump because he ‘speaks his mind’ that is code for ‘I like him because he is a racist and so am I’.



This is a developing story.

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