This’ll be about as bad as it’s been in Seattle where this policy has been a complete failure. We’ve reported on men entering the women’s locker room while young girls are there. This opens the door to so many issues including sexual assault and total law suits from traumatized people. With the left it’s all about how you feel and not about the truth. That’s a problem when you’re dealing with gender in a public place. I have three young girls and would never want a man to be in a locker room with us. 

Mayor de Blasio signed an executive order Monday requiring workers in city-owned buildings to let people use bathrooms based on their gender identity, regardless of their anatomy.

The executive order, which seeks to clarify existing rules issued by the city’s Commission on Human Rights, also mandates training for municipal workers on the policy, which is designed to help 25,000 transgender New Yorkers.

“We think defending the rights of one community is defending the rights of all communities,” de Blasio said right before signing the order, which goes into effect immediately.

He spoke at the Chelsea Recreation Center in Manhattan, surrounded by cheering LGBT activists.


“As someone who at one point would not stay outside for more than four hours for fear of not having access to public accommodations … I understand the impact of this executive order,” said Sean Coleman, the executive director of the Bronx-based LGBT advocacy group Destination Tomorrow.

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