Creative patriot artist Scott Lobaido recently painted a thin blue line on the street in Staten Island in support of police officers. Soon afterward a young, white, Black Lives Matter Marxist painted over his line because she was offended by his support for police.

So in a city where graffitiing St Patricks Cathedral, or devastating the blocks around the Occupy City Hall protests with every said color to denounce everything from the funding of police to fried processed foods, not to mention the several Black Lives Matter street murals assisted by the Mayor Bill deBlasio himself, who do you think would get a cease and desist letter from the City of New York?

On Friday, Scott Lobaido joined Laura Ingraham to talk about his street art. Lobaido told Laura he received a cease and desist from the New York City officials after his public support for the police.


We’re in a time where the City of New York has spent over a hundred thousand dollars painting and protecting the now infamous 5th Avenue Black Lives Matter street mural. Where while black lives are shattered throughout the city due to the rapid increase in shootings and murders of the very black lives they ironically protest to protect, police resources are spread thin dealing with the occupy city hall terrorists.

Within two days of painting a single blue line down a Boulevard in New York City’s Borough of Staten Island, the NYC Department of Transportation has issued American Conservative Artist Scott LoBaido a Cease and Desist letter.

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The letter states:

“The NYC Department of Transportation has been made aware that Scott LoBaido or his agents have painted a thin blue line on a concrete median on Hylan Boulevard from Bancroft Avenue to Lincoln Avenue in the Borough of Staten Island.

Please be advised that section 19-138(b) of Chapter 1 Title 19 of the NYC Administrative code prohibits the defacement of any street by painting, writing, or attaching any advertisement or other printed material.”

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The Cease and Desist letter then goes further stating that “you must take immediate measures to remove all painted thin blue lines from the median. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of summonses and/or the commencement of legal action.”

Again, this time and effort for a single blue line is being taken when a city has already surpassed the total number of shootings for all of 2019. But in true form, the American Patriot Artist is not backing down.

In addition to a video statement on his professional Facebook page, the artist stated that “the letter was not worth the paper it was printed on”. He then tossed the letter to the ground to walk over to his newest artistic masterpiece.

It gets better.  He’s auctioning it off to support the NYC Cops & Kids Boxing Club, stating that “if the city wants to defund the police, that he will fund the police” through his efforts.

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