On July 23, a teenager was captured on video violently attacking a police officer in an NYC subway station. Despite the teen’s violent history and assault on an officer, the offender was quickly released from Manhattan Criminal Court without bail.

Just before 6 p.m. on Saturday, a 16-year-old male and female jumped a turnstile at the 125th Street station and attempted to illegally board a train. After being stopped by two police officers, the teens became aggressive.

In the video, the female is shown swinging at both officers, while the male is engaged in a violent struggle primarily with the male cop. At one point, the teenage boy even gets the police officer into a chokehold. The teen’s face is covered in blood as he continues to throw punches at the cop.

Eventually, the officer is able to get on top of the teen and restrain him with the help of another officer who jumps onto the scene.



The 16-year-old aggressor was charged with assault on a police officer, obstruction of governmental administration, and resisting arrest. He was released the next day without bail on one count of second-degree assault of an officer.

NYC teen being held down after violently assaulting a police officer

Just three days prior to this assault, on July 20, the same boy was arrested for robbery and the vicious beating of a stranger. While the actual attack occurred on June 21, the teen was not identified immediately and thus was not arrested until a month later.

The teen and three of his friends reportedly bashed a man’s head and took his cellphone. The victim was left with substantial pain and abrasions on his head. Somehow, the kid was released without bail on the same day of his arrest.

The male suspect was also taken into custody back in April for carrying a loaded gun in the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn.

This young man, who is a clear and evident threat to society and innocent civilians, continues to get off seemingly without consequence after repeated, violent assaults.

Patrick Lynch, the president of the Police Benevolent Association union, sent out a tweet about the release of this NYC teen, saying,

“If New Yorkers want to know why the chaos in the transit system is not improving more quickly – this is why.”

Another high-ranking police source criticized the handling of this case, saying,

“He’s charged with all those things, and now in his third arrest, he’s released again. What does it take to get locked up here?”

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