How in the world did these two men get away and go to the Middle East? The police had photos and were aware that they would try and leave…they see these men as “not suspicious” when they were seen grabbing the bag that held a pressure cooker bomb. 

Two men seen earlier this month grabbing a bag holding a pressure cooker bomb in New York City — leaving the device on the sidewalk — are believed to have left the U.S. for the Middle East, law enforcement sources close to the investigation confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday.

Fox News is told the two are still not considered suspects in the bombings in New York and New Jersey earlier this month and that their current location is “not suspicious.” The FBI has identified them, the sources said.

The FBI and New York Police Department released surveillance images of the men in recent days, describing them as “witnesses.” One of the men appeared to wear a white shirt, with the other wearing a red shirt.

Via: FOX

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