Sayfullo Saipov’s neighbors and acquaintances have been coming forward to paint a portrait of the suspected New York City terrorist. He moved from Ohio to Tampa and then to Paterson, New Jersey last Spring.

The Washington Post reported on what Saipov’s Tampa neighbors had to say about him:


One Tampa neighbor casually dropped a remarkable detail deep in a Washington Post story on Wednesday: a group of “about 30 men, young and old, gathered at Saipov’s house to pray” on “most weekends.”

This is a red flag and why it’s so important to know who these men are…No further information is provided about these men or whether they are persons of interest to law enforcement.

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Investigators looked into whether Mr. Saipov’s Uzbek contacts may have handed him off to an ISIS operative, they pieced together parts of his past, law enforcement officials said. He attended a wedding in Florida of an Uzbek man who was under scrutiny by the F.B.I.


A neighbor who said Saipov lived in her apartment complex just over a year and left Tampa this past spring. He said he left her a vacuum cleaner, brooms, a mop, two printers and a computer, and on March 8, according to her receipt, she donated them to the Salvation Army. “He was in a big hurry to move out of there.”

An imam at a mosque Saipov attended in Tampa told the New York Times he “worried Mr. Saipov was misinterpreting Islam and urged him to calm down and study the religion.” This imam asked for anonymity because he feared reprisals from other radicals. This information does not paint Saipov as an encouraging candidate for holding prayer services, although he might only have provided the venue.

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