Independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured an exchange between NYPD officers and pro-cop supporters who wanted to deface the “Black Lives Matter” message painted in front of Trump Tower on the street in New York City. When the police officers asked why they were stopping them from defacing the graffiti, the police officer told him they were only following orders from higher up. When asked directly if it was up to Mayor de Blasio, the cop shook his head yes, and gave a thumbs up.

The pro-cop supporters asked the NYPD cops why Black Lives Matter can paint a message on the street, but people who support the police can’t change the message? The NYPD officer responded to one of the pro-police supporters by saying, “I’m not allowed to give opinions on political matters.”

Journalist Hernandez tweeted: BREAKING: NYPD confiscates patriots paint cans before an attempt to mark the BLM mural in front of Trump Tower NYC

NYPD officer admits “higher ups” are responsible for hypocrisy of defending vandalism from Patriots, but not BLM in NYC


Earlier this afternoon, outspoken conservative business owner and preacher, Bevelyn Beatty was arrested for defacing the Black Lives Matter graffiti painted in front of Trump Tower.

In the video below, Beatty, a successful black, female business owner and her best friend, who appear frequently together on social media, can be seen pulling up to the street in front of Trump Tower with a vehicle filled with paint and paint rollers. When prompted by the NYPD officers, Beatty refuses to move her car and instead, grabs a can of black paint and begins dumping the paint on the yellow “Black Lives Matter” message painted by BLM activists, including Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio and race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton.

In spite of the half-hearted efforts of the NYPD officers to remove her from the scene, Beatty remains steadfast in commitment to covering the “Black Lives Matter” message on the street. As police officers grab at her arms, Beatty scuttles away shouting, “Refund the police!” and “Jesus Matters.”

In the full version of the encounter between Beatty and the police, Beatty can be seen shouting back at a black man who repeatedly demands that the NYPD arrest her for shouting, “Refund the police!” and “Jesus Matters!” The more the black man shouts vulgarities at Beatty, the louder she becomes, exposing him for his hypocrisy in supporting the Marxist, fake movement.

“Black people are dying in the streets and they don’t care! They don’t care! she repeatedly screams as NYPD officers lifted Beatty off her knees to arrest her for painting over the anti-cop message painted by BLM activists and New York City’s radical Mayor De Blasio.


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