In a dramatic and graphic video, a female NYPD officer can be seen holding her bloody hand, as a fellow law enforcement officer helps her into a police car. In what can only be described as incredible, bystanders in the Staten Island neighborhood can be heard yelling at the police officers, asking why they’re taking the injured cop to the hospital while leaving the violent ex-con and career criminal on his back? Meanwhile, a dedicated police officer can be seen on his knees, giving life-saving chest compressions to the 39-year-old man with 16 arrests, including weapons possession, who just shot his fellow law enforcement officer.

The New York Post reports – The clip opens with an NYPD vehicle flying down Prince Street in Staten Island’s Clifton neighborhood with lights and sirens on, and the injured officer being escorted into the back seat, cradling her bloodied left hand with her right.

In the background, another officer can be seen fervently pumping the chest of motionless Gregory Edwards, the 39-year-old convicted felon who had just traded bullets with two cops when they tried to bring him in on a domestic violence incident.

Onlookers pelted police with profanities and death wishes shortly after officers killed the career criminal.

“Suck my d–k!” bellowed one man at a police cordon for about two consecutive minutes along the Clifton street, where the officer was struck on the left hand around 8:45 a.m. “Everybody behind that line can suck my d–k!”

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Much of the invective came from a group of 14 people restricted to the driveway of one Prince Street home while cops painstakingly processed the scene where the Finest was wounded and gunman Gregory Edwards was shot dead.

“They just shot the f–k out of him!” one bystander can be heard shouting in what would quickly become a tense scene, with onlookers hurling profanities and wishes of death upon the police.

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Watch the incredible scene here. ***WARNING***Video is very graphic.

What do you think about this scene? Why would anyone want to be a cop in New York City after watching how these citizens behave when cops are faced with a violent armed felon, whose been accused of domestic abuse.

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