As New York City implements its ‘woke’ crime policies, officers of the NYPD are leaving the force in record numbers due to their safety being compromised.

On Tuesday, retired NYPD detective Jason Caputo went on “Fox & Friends First” to talk about the negative impact the soft-on-crime policies have had on the police force. Caputo retired last month after 18 years of service.

Jason Caputo, retired NYPD detective, on Fox & Friends

As hostilities grow against the police force nationwide and crime rates surge, officers are now risking “everything” to do their jobs, claimed Caputo.

Just this year, over 1,000 New York City police officers have filed to leave the department before getting their full pensions, which take effect after 20 years of service. In 2021, 71% more than filed to leave in 2021.

“You’re losing qualified [people], you’re losing experience, you’re losing so much when it comes to that kind of stuff,” Caputo said. “You have people leaving the job for places that they want you to be the cop out on that street. They want you to arrest the bad guy, but, here in the city, I don’t think they’re going toward that.”

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Caputo also expressed the concern that there are few people remaining to teach the new officers when they arrive on the job, a problem that poses a risk to public safety.

The recently retired detective added that the city is actually “steering away” from encouraging officers to apprehend criminals, thus “putting the victims and the cops in jeopardy.”

In July’s interview with Fox & Friends, Caputo said,

“Guys, in my position… this is not the job I joined. When I was a cop, when it came on, we were out there. We were doing our job… Our bosses backed us, our city backed us, the state backed us. Now, it’s not like that.”

“In the last couple of years, I see that it’s more of an off-hands approach to policing. Police officers are actually unwilling to actually put their hands on people because they know the risks not only of their career, their future, their family, for that matter, too, because you could be sued at any moment and the job won’t actually back you if they have any inkling that you did one thing wrong.

So you’re going to have a whole bunch of police officers that don’t want to put their hands on people or actually, in effect, interact. They put themselves in danger as well as the public.”

Back in July, Caputo also expressed his frustration with the District Attorneys that are releasing the criminals right away without charging them with the crimes they were brought in for, ultimately allowing them to remain a threat to the public.

Guest host Ashley Strohmier asked Caputo, “What incentive do officers – especially NYPD officers – have right now when… these criminals just keep getting out and back on the streets?”

“None,” replied Caputo. “I wouldn’t encourage many people to take this job anymore.”

Strohmier also addressed the new trend throughout the country in which a police officer is widely condemned for physically apprehending a criminal by holding them against the ground.

Caputo confirmed that this is a major issue among our country’s police force, with the liberal media trying to ruin the life of any cop who does his job of apprehending criminals.

“Now you have cops that have to second-guess every move they make because of the risks of losing everything you’ve worked for, losing your life,” Caputo said. “And then you have other people just videotaping you doing this rather than helping you, and you’re watching a cop get beat up literally trying to do his job, and it’s a safety concern that’s really bad.”


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