Former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik:  “There’s no greater threat to our democracy than a government that weaponizes its criminal justice system to target its citizens and in this case the target today is the President of the United States.”

Kerik nails it in this one statement on Fox & Friends: Prosecutors…they’re not supposed to break the law to enforce it. And that’s what we’ve seen consistently over the last two years. There are tens of thousands of people sitting in prison for  far less than Hillary Clinton did. I watched that 15 minute thirty eight second clip where Jim Comey outlines an outrageous indictment against Hillary Clinton only to say no reasonable prosecutor would bring that case. That’s a lie…

Kerik slams Comey: Don’t tell me nobody would bing that case! Kerik goes on to list the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and then says “somebody threw that case”.

Kerik isn’t the only one who believes the IG report is a sham:

Andrew McCarthy has a fantastic piece in National Review today about the corruption within the intel agencies:

Andrew McCarthy: Once law enforcement saw the virtue in self-policing, in a duty to expose and purge itself of rogue actors. Now, it tends toward not just burying bad behavior but — the best defense being a good offense — hiding it behind claims of a job well done, behind claims that its ends are so noble its means are justified no matter how unseemly.

Jason Chaffetz was also on Fox & Friends discussing the IG report:

“Nothing but bias and animus” – Jason Chaffetz

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