The New York Times Tweeted about Elon Musk on Thursday because he grew up as a white person in Africa and somehow that affects free speech

The New York Times made a ridiculously out of touch Tweet on Thursday regarding Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and free speech stance. Apparently, growing up as a white person in Africa means that his affinity towards free speech is a sign of white privilege. Therefore, free speech on Twitter is, according to the New York Times, a white privilege position.

The Tweet by the NYT, seen below, echoes a time magazine article by a racist in which it is stated that free speech is an “obsession of… mostly white, males.” Naturally, including Elon Musk.

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So according to this Tweet, Elon Musk was surrounded by anti-black propaganda and because of that he doesn’t understand the impact of misinformation, therefore free speech is bad. Pretty incoherent, right?

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The hit pieces on Musk have been coming nonstop since he first announced his bid to take over Twitter. The recent trend, however, has been to attack not only Elon himself but free speech as a whole as a product of white privilege, as seen in the Time and NYT articles.

Coupling the media hit pieces with the government’s “Ministry of Truth,” and the Democrats’ intent to haul Elon before them for questioning, and it’s very clear that the richest man on earth has made himself powerful enemies by daring to stand up for the rights of everyone.

Freedom of speech is an essential part of our American society, and a God-given freedom which must be preserved. It has nothing to do with skin color or perceptions of privilege, and the fact that liberals are smearing it as such is very telling.

Attacking Elon Musk by insinuating, at best, that he is a product of racial privilege or, at worst, that he himself is a racist, is just the next step on the liberal elite’s road to kill all dissent.

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