The Obama administration is a total joke! The American people have been lied to so many times that it’s hard to even know when  the truth is being told. The Iran Nuke Deal was supposed to accomplish something but as it turns out no one even signed it!

State Department officials have acknowledged again to Congress that the recently adopted Iran nuclear agreement is not a legally binding document and was not formally signed by any party, according to another in a series of letters sent by the administration to Congress.

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote Julia Frifield, a State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, wrote to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kansas) in a Nov. 19 letter responding to his request for information about the deal.

Upon announcing the deal, the Obama administration was forced to admit that the agreement was not a legally binding document or treaty. Neither the United States nor Iran signed the agreement, which is a series of proposals aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Via: WFB

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