Powerful people in Washington are alarmed that they should be subjected to oversight. This is why people like Eric Holder are warning Attorney General Barr to stop investigating the origins of Russiagate. President Trump previously stated that he wanted AG Barr to cast a wide net to get to the bottom of the Russia hoax “perpetrated on the American people”. AG Barr is doing what he was asked with the cooperation of foreign governments.

Holder might have forgotten the many times he really did cross the political line when he was attorney general for Obama…

Eric Holder spoke out to try and threaten AG Barr:

“The whole thing that the attorney general is involved in is highly unusual. Ordering an investigation of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies when there was already an investigation underway by the inspector general.”

“And then to see how the president is now involved to help the attorney general in that effort gives me pause. I think the attorney general needs to be a little more sensitive to the appearance that gives. You have to not only be substantively neutral…you have to appear to be neutral when you are the attorney general of the United States. And I fear that he has crossed a political line.”

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Holder continued:

“I wouldn’t say it was standard but I wouldn’t say it was unprecedented. But involving the president in a Justice Department investigation is something that would be reserved for the most important investigations that the Justice Department would do… usually those that would have a direct impact on the national security. More often than not, the contact with other governments goes from attorney general to the attorney general’s counterpart in the other country. You don’t involve heads of state in these matters unless the consequences are really significant.”

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