The campaign of hatred and mistrust directed at law enforcement officers all started with Barack Obama’s “Beer Summit” at the White House.

Remember the White House Beer Summit from July 30, 2009?

Oh, yeah. It was the big publicity push after Barack Obama blundered into the Cambridge Police Department’s arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.

Never wanting to let a crisis go to waste, the White House staged the event as a way to portray Barack Obama as the Great Healer — the unifier who would bridge the gap between the Cambridge Police and Gates. But that wasn’t the actual purpose of this Beer Summit. No. The real reason it was held was to somehow stop the bleeding Obama himself caused when he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut.

Had Obama simply stayed the hell out of what was a local news story, there would have been no need for this staged Beer Summit. But Obama — narcissist that he is — had to stick his Nosy Parker nose into the story, accuse the Cambridge police of acting stupidly, and turned what should have been a non-story into a national news event.

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The Beer Summit wasn’t to mend fences between Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge Police. It was to repair Obama’s own reputation.

Unfortunately for Barack, the White House official photographer captured an image that seemed to do the opposite.

Next, came the tragic story of a “Hispanic White man,” George Zimmerman, who was accused of killing Trayvon Martin because he was black. President Barack Obama just couldn’t help but inject himself into the controversy. While addressing the nation on another local issue, the former president attempted to make Americans understand that blacks are treated unfairly by law enforcement, saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” Obama continued,”I think Trayvon’s parents are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

It wasn’t long before our former divider-in-chief’s AG, Eric Holder got involved in the local matter.

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In a stunning discovery, Judicial Watch uncovered evidence revealing Eric Holder’s involvement in the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Florida. While he was acting as our nation’s Attorney General, he was caught spending our taxpayer dollars to deploy a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS) to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman. Holder was also present in Ferguson where he did absolutely nothing to stop the rioting and chaos.

Next came the horrible “hands up don’t shoot” lie that destroyed the city of Ferguson and tore our nation apart.

In the aftermath of Ferguson two police officers in New York City were ambushed in their vehicles and shot dead. Five police officers were hunted down and murdered in the city of Dallas, TX.

After five police officers were killed in Dallas, the head of a law enforcement advocacy group lashed out at President Barack Obama, accusing the president of carrying out a “war on cops.”

“I think [the Obama administration] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox

“I think one of the big differences then was you had governors and mayors and the president — whether it was President Johnson or President Nixon, Republican or Democrat — condemning violence against the police and urging support for the police,” Johnson said. “Today that’s markedly absent. I think that’s a huge difference, and that’s directly led to the climate that allows these attacks to happen.” –Politico

“It’s a war on cops,” Johnson also said. “And the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war.”

During his campaign in 2016, and throughout his first term as our 45th President, Donald J. Trump has worked hard to restore the honor and respect our law enforcement officers deserve.

From his early days on the campaign trail, where Trump could be seen posing for photos with law enforcement officers assigned to his detail, to memorial services for fallen NYPD cops, there can be no question in any law enforcement officer’s mind, that President Trump is committed to restoring the honor and respect our law enforcement officers deserve.

In May 2018, at the 37th annual Peace Officers Memorial Service, President Donald Trump made an impromptu move, and brought the kids and the 90-year-old mother of fallen New York Police Department detective Miosotis Familia on stage while he was speaking at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

After addressing the trend of ambush attacks on officers, Trump told attendees that among them was the family of Familia, who was shot and killed while sitting in her patrol car.

In another spontaneous gesture to honor Familia, Trump asked her partner, officer Marr, to come to the microphone and share how remarkable the fallen officer was.

“This is a woman who got injured a while ago and volunteered to come back to patrol to one of the roughest places in New York City,” he explained.

Marr added that she’d only been back on patrol for two weeks when she was murdered.

Now, in the spirit of Barack Obama’s divided, anti-law enforcement America, Starbucks coffee employees just asked five Tempe, AZ police officers to leave their store because they were making customers feel unsafe.

According to Fox News – Some police officers in Tempe, Ariz., say they were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop on the Fourth of July because a customer complained they “did not feel safe” with the cops present, according to reports.

Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.

Rob Ferraro, president of the police union, told FOX 10 of Phoenix that such treatment of police officers seems to be happening more often these days.

“It’s become accepted to not trust or to see police and think that we’re not here to serve you, and again, it goes back to — we take great pride of the level of customer service we provide to citizens, and to be looked at as feeling unsafe when you have law enforcement around you is somewhat perplexing to me,” Ferraro told the station in a phone interview.

The police union also posted a series of Twitter messages about the incident.

“This treatment of public safety workers could not be more disheartening,” the union wrote. “While the barista was polite, making such a request at all was offensive. Unfortunately, such treatment has become all too common in 2019.”

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